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Smaller items can be purchased through our Etsy shop. The items on this page are too large and fragile to post, but can be collected directly from us here in Exeter, or we can deliver within 20 miles of Exeter. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of the items on this page and we can send you a payment link and arrange collection/delivery - contact us.


'Oak Leaves'

Stained glass combining copper foil and traditional techniques

Inspired by the ancient oaks that can be found throughout the great British countryside, this piece combines a number of techniques including traditional kiln fired painted glass, copper foil and traditional lead work. The vivid greens of the oak leaves are set against a subtle background of textured glass with hints of blues through to yellows to emulate a summer sky. 

This piece is approximately 48cm in diameter and is for internal display.


'Rainbow Star'

Stained glass and copper foil

This colourful 5 pointed star utilises a range of different colours and textures of glass, combined using the copper foil technique and bordered with lead came.

This piece measures approximately 50cm from point to point, or 26cm from the centre to the point of each section and is for internal display only.




Stained glass and copper foil

This piece is inspired by the 'daisywheels' or apotropaic marks found in historic buildings. These are often found by chimneys or openings and were thought to keep bad spirits out of the home. They are a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

This piece combines a deep purple and teal blue set against a subtle blue background.

This piece measures approximately 40cm in diameter and is for internal display only.

We can make these to order in any combination of colours, just get in touch!


'La Gazza Ladra'

Stained glass and copper foil

Magpies are among the most intelligent creatures and contrary to popular belief are not attracted to shiny objects. Like any intelligent creature they are naturally curious, which may have led to this myth! Regardless they are a graceful and iconic feature of the English Garden.

Combining a rich blue and dark grey glass, set against a subtle background of varying blue tones. This piece measures approximately 36cm in diameter and for internal display only.


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